romantic photo shoots belize

Seaduced in Belize

An intimate, romantic and sensual photo session for a couple with a strong chemistry and intense passion for each other. Upon meeting them i realized this would be an epic photo session. And sure it was! Paige wanted the intimacy between them captured and sent me sample photos to give me an idea. The photo shoot: a birthday gift for her boyfriend! I loved loved working with them. From the very beginning of the session, they were on fire! But i must allow the images to speak for themselves….

Location: Mahogany Bay Village, Ambergris Caye

You would think rain would ruin a photo shoot, but it doesn’t. In fact, i love it! There’s a certain romance to it….coupled with the perfect light filtering in from the windows in this cozy house at Mahogany Bay; we created exactly what the couple was looking for.

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Some spicy love simmering in the kitchen……

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Mahogany Bay Yacht Club for part 2 of our session…

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romantic photo shoots belize

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Considering your own photo shoot with a Belizean backdrop? Message me below with some info of your photo session expectations and inquire about best options for you 🙂






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